An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Up early again as for the first time since August, I was getting my hair cut! 

One thing and another (Alan's illnesses, winter weather, building work to name a few) have transpired to make many months pass between trims so it felt lovely to head step back into the salon for a little bit of pampering.

Decided to play safe and stick with a trim and tidy so wasn't there for long. Back home by 10am.

Work on the utility room continues.  Loud drilling today.  Hoping the units will be getting fitted soon as I am very keen to see the end of it.  

Decided to blip early today as these gorgeous little blooms were smiling up at me from a bouquet of flowers we received on Saturday night, so a quick snap and Blip was in the bag :)  

Got the dietician coming to see Alan this afternoon.  We weighted him on Friday and he's regained half the weight he lost during his period of ill health at the turn of the year.  I am really pleased about that and I am sure she will be too.  Just need her advice on when to change his feeding peg.  A smaller one was put in when he lost all the weight as the original one became too loose.  As he gains weight, we need to change back to the original size.  Hoping she'll be able to tell me this afternoon when that should be done.

Random conversation of the day.  Just as I got back to the car after getting my hair cut, a man parked his car next to mine and as he got out, he caught my eye and started chatting to me about the weather, the car park, my car (he liked it.  Good height and clear driving position apparently.  I agree :-) the lack of parking in the town, the local bakery (good pies!) and the lack of a decent pub.  He then sent me on my way with a cheery wave and a have a nice day!  I wonder if he thought I was someone else!  :-))

The day before the party.
The party.
The day after the party.
The day after the day after the party.

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