An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mrs Mop...


The morning after the night before!  

Having friends is great.  Having friends who arrive the morning after a party and get the mop and bucket out before having a coffee are the best!  lol

Ele, Kenny, John and Norma stayed over.  Alan and Gail stayed in a local B&B and arrived back at ours just as we ventured downstairs.  David, Kenny and Alan were playing golf at 1pm, us ladies were having a lazy day.  Well once Gail had got us organised and the place tidied and cleaned up we were.

I was actually amazed at how little mess there was.  Gail, who is a born home maker, was keen to see the floors mopped, all the kitchen surfaces cleared and the place returned to normal.  We let her get on with it.  She is at her happiest when she's cleaning.  Actually that's not strictly true, she's at her happiest when she's "dressing" a house so after she'd finished cleaning, I let her play with all the knick knacks we've bought for the garden room and some we got as gifts, so she was soon in her element, arranging plants, photo frames, table runners, mats etc etc.  

The guys headed off for lunch at the golf club whilst we had bacon rolls and a leisurely chat before John and Norma headed home.  After the leisurely chat we relocated to the kitchen and had fruit and biscuits and cheese left over from last night's buffet.

The guys got back from the golf and after moving the sofa to it's rightful place, got ready and gave Alan a surprise session in the pool (I hadn't told him he might be going in the pool in case they were too knackered when they got back from the golf.)

Alan had a ball, especially as he had his auntie Gail in there playing races with Ed the Duck (thanks LeeAnne, we love Ed the Duck :-))

There was enough food left over to feed us all again this evening so we had a very lazy but tasty dinner.  AND it was the first meal sitting at our new dining room table in the garden room.  Thanks for sharing that special event guys :-))

After another clear up of dishes, everyone headed home.  The party was finally over.

Nothing left to do but have a cup of tea and go to bed, very tired, but very happy.

PS It was only as we went to bed David realised the sofa in the garden room had been moved but the glitter ball was still in situ (need a long ladder to reach to where the rope holding it up is tied) I said it will just have to stay there :-)))

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