An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

In search of green...

Jamie the architect visited this morning to inspect the building work and note any snagging work to be fixed one year after completion of the build.  To his surprise there is very little requiring attention and anything that is, is minor.  We are not surprised as we saw first hand what perfectionists the builders are.

By happy coincidence Johnny the builder's foreman and Lewis the apprentice were back this afternoon to finish off an additional job they were  doing for us in the back garden.  It is ridiculous how happy I was to see them both, like welcoming old friends :-)  

They both had the chance to see their work now the rooms are all finished and in use.  We got a thumbs up!  :-))  They hadn't met Lola before either and she was very friendly towards them.  I think Lewis was particularly taken with her and would have played with her all afternoon.  She was quite crestfallen when they left to go finish the job.

After moaning about the incessant greyness of the weather, I decided to go in search of some green to blip in the side garden and I found some (see extra) but perversely I prefer the mono version.

I was so sad to learn of the death of Prof Stephen Hawking.  How lucky we are to have had his brilliant mind for so long but sad to think such brilliance is now now gone.  A huge loss to humanity.  RIP Professor.

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