Hong Kong Day 3

Jet lag meant I was wide awake at 5 in the morning again, I tried to get back to sleep but couldn't so I processed some images and surfed the net for a short while.

After breakfast the girls decided to chill in the rooms and get more rest as they were tired so my dad and myself trundled up towards the park for an hour or so.

The temperature has dropped quite considerably since we got here and the threat of rain always seems to be here, just like the UK.

After our walk we packed our bags and checked out of the hotel so we could make our way to the ship. Although we don't set sail until tomorrow night we have an extra night on board in Hong Kong.

The afternoon was spent unpacking, making some dining arrangements and taking in what the ship has to offer, the views of Hong Kong from the top of the boat are quite good.

After a good first meal on board Claire and I decided to get back off the boat at about 22:00 to take in more of the night life of the city. We found the really cool, happening part of town just north of the port, we walked around taking the wonderful sights and sounds and eventually ended up in a swanky bar. There are a lot of very wealthy people here and the younger ones all seem to hang around this part of town. I counted two lamborghini's, two Bentley's, three massaratis, three porsches and many top of the range Range Rovers in the space of about half an hour.

We finally called it a day at 01:15 and headed back to the ship.

Only one day left in Hong Kong before we head to Vietnam, so I think we are going up the mountain peak and getting on the old tram system tomorrow. I doubt I'll get much Internet access from now on so may have to back blip.

Few extras ---->

Mr Bo Hingles

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