Abstract ............

 ............. Thursday90  (AT90)

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting and the subject of PATTERNS (I think).

Just one of the "packs" in my carry-on bag - full of circles of charging cables and bits and pieces for cameras, phones, adaptors, kindle, bluetooth etc etc.  (given a bit of the Patrick O'PicMonkey treatment for some "abstraction")!!
I've discovered that airport security are often not happy with jumbles of wires in closed bags so see-through bags seem to be the way to go.

I never pack these in my hold luggage - if it goes missing you can't charge anything up ................ and it can run expensive to replace them all.

Nearly ready - carry-on bag to finish off and the car to load, shower, kiss the man and the dog goodbye and away I go, mid-afternoon, to a hotel in London ready for the morning flight .......... yay!!!!

~ Anni ~

FlowerFriday17 tomorrow - not sure what I'll have to contribute with travelling all day!!

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