University of São Paulo swimming pool

Today was the second day of the research symposium at the University of São Paulo. Fortunately there were no strikes or demonstrations today so the event was much better attended. This also meant that I had a larger audience for my paper than would have been the case had I presented yesterday as planned.

Like yesterday, I spent most of the working day in the conference room listening to papers and contributing to the discussions as best I could. There was another feast at lunchtime (quails' eggs in a university canteen!), and wonderful cakes and biscuits provided during the morning and afternoon coffeee (no tea) breaks.

After work Renato took me for a tour of the University's vast sports centre. I was most impressed by the swimming pool (blipped).

We ended the day with dinner on the outdoors terrace of a neighbourhood restaurant with more chat and people watching. I learnt that a four year-old Renato had a near-death experience one day at the circus when the lions escaped from the ring!

Exercise today: small amount of walking (7,301 steps).

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