Brazilian hosts

My last morning in Brazil was spent with Renato and his wife Priscilia. We mixed business with pleasure while exploring the São Paulo downtown. First we walked through the streets. Here we admired the architecture, and then visited the Mosteiro de São Bento (the cathedral), the Nossa Senhora do Rosário (a seventeenth century church), and the Museu de Arte Sacra dos Jesuitas. Over lunch Renato and I discussed our actions from the various meetings that we have held over the course of the week.

Renato has been the perfect host for my visit. He could not have done more to look after me - both over the past few days, and in the lead-up to my trip. He took this role very seriously - all the way to departures at São Paulo airport this afternoon. He was like the father who drops his teenage daughter off at the coach station for her first long distance journey and checks that the driver will look after her. He joked that he had had a word with the pilot to ensure that he/she kept an eye on me during the flight!

My flight to Paris left at 16:55. Next stop Paris...

Exercise today: a bit of walking (6,053 steps).

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