I'd been dreading my overnight flight back to Edinburgh from São Paulo ever since last summer when my colleague Renato first started making arrangements for me to visit him. Night-time transatlantic flights are so uncomfortable, especially for those of us who find it impossible to sleep during the journey.

Anyway, I am happy to say that I survived the eleven hours in the air last night. I finished my book (The girl in the red coat - very good); watched Jackie (OK), half of North by North West, and a documentary in French about Molière; listened to an episode of Desert island discs; and made a start on my backlog of Archers episodes. I also made my tight connection in Paris (CDG, not Orly thank goodness), and was pleased that my connecting flight was not affected by an Air France cabin crew strike that started today.

It's great to be back home with Mr hazelh. I now plan to stay awake until a 'normal' bedtime, and will do so on the sofa reading with a cup of tea (hurrah!) in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other ;-)

My blip is of the departures board at gate K23 in terminal 2E at Roissy. As usual I had some difficulties working out my route across the airport. The signage there really is appalling (as previously noted).

Exercise today: small amount of airport walking (3,110 steps).

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