Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

River Thames at Kingston

Gavin and I went to Kingston today to go look at a new beds - at last, as our bed has needed replacing for some time now and every morning on awakening Gavin complains about his sore back from our old bed. We had a productive morning but have not actually ordered one yet! (we wanted to check dimensions etc.)

On the way to Kingston he stopped so I could take some photos of the River Thames which had many rowers going up and down it. It was quite a windy day but still quite mild and bright. Those blossoms won't last in this breeze.

Thomas had no hockey match today, as they played their opponents mid week. He has his IGCSE French oral on Tuesday, and then breaks up on Wednesday. Luke is arriving home tonight - he is leaving after his final hockey match this afternoon so will only get home quite late. Adam is coming home on Monday, so soon all the boys will be back and the fridge will be a hive of activity as it is constantly filled up and depleted!

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