Trip to Seattle Art Museum

Six of us boarded the morning train to Seattle to visit the Seattle Art Museum. Our primary goal was to visit the Jacob Lawrence exhibit. It was all about the northern migration of African Americans during WWII to fill jobs left vacant by the white men who had gone to war. I really liked the exhibit. We all did.

We started the visit by having lunch at the redesigned restaurant called "Taste." It is much more casual and relaxed and so is the food. It tasted great even if some of the more esoteric dishes were no longer on the menu.

Next we went to the Jacob Lawrence exhibit and another exhibit about landscape. I took lots of photos everywhere. Some of my favorites were interior shots of the museum itself. This large sculpture is in the main lobby and I loved to take photos of it. I was also taken by the patterns of light and shadow in some of the other areas of the museum. I'll put some of them in the extras. (Changed the main picture to one I preferred.)

Erin and I were ready for a museum break so we took a short walk around the outside of the museum. We both stopped and gawked as a crew of men continued with the demolition of some buildings right across the street from SAM. We saw this as we entered. By this time, around 4:30 pm, the dozers had taken down quite a bit of one of the buildings since we first saw them. I couldn't resist taking photos and videos of the process. It reminded me of a science fiction story I read decades ago called "Killdozer."

We took an Uber car back to the train station. We picked up sandwiches at a nearby coffeeshop and ate them on the train. It was a wonderful day.

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