Happy Day in Anacortes

I am back blipping this so I am not sure whether to talk in present or past tense... Guess I'll choose past.

I drove down to Anacortes for our monthly duplicate bridge group's meeting at Nancy's house. I stopped at my brother Dave's on the way and Nora, Dave and I took Dexter for a walk down to the waterfront. It was a beautiful spring-like day and the blossoms were starting to come out. Got this shot during the walk.

Dave and I went to bridge and ended up as partners. For some reason I was in muzzy brain mode so I did some unsuccessful things and Dave did his best not to get irritated with me. I wasn't quite awful enough though as we came in next to last instead of last so we didn't get our money back, one dollar each. Oh well.

When we got home Nora was making dinner. Before dinner we played Mexican Train together. Then we had pork chops, asparagus, and home made polenta for dinner. It was really delicious. And we also had a couple of wonderful cocktails before dinner. We watched some TV and had a lovely time. When it was getting time to drive home Nora suggested I test out their guest room bed to see how comfortable it was. I did and I stayed over. (I think it was her way of gently suggesting I not drive home late at night after two cocktails.) ;-) 

I slept like a log and didn't get up until almost nine in the morning. Sometimes you sleep better when you are away from a place where you have lots to do. It was delicious. We had coffee and then decided to go out to breakfast. Then I drove home... The rest of the day will be in tomorrow's blip... 

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