Vitamin C

After my cold and cough I thought I may be in need of a Vitamin C boost. There must be plenty of Vitamin C in this display in the supermarket. I imagine I can remember the time when I was quite happy getting my daily dose of Vitamin C from a Haliborange tablet.

I thought Haliborange might no longer exist in these times times when there is greater availability of fruit all the year round, but looking on the internet I find it does still exist, and is still on sale fairly widely. The tablets were quite nice as far as I remember, and were a daily treat, unlike cod liver oil, which was a fairly unpleasant daily ordeal, and presumably still is unpleasant.

Well there may have been an abundance of oranges, but where have the grapes gone? I usually see a large display of green seedless grapes, for the last couple of weeks there have been none.

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