Where's BikerBear ..........

 .........Now?  (WBBN)

Day 6/20 .....

Feeding my need for architecture and a kind of symmetry.

Hotels and water ....... on the Vegas Strip.

In the extras are:

Yellow Boxes - more offset symmetry

A beautiful (wildwed51) urban grackle - fierce and feisty ...... I love them.

Leaving in the morning - maybe a little more guessing for you out there if you're up for it!!

Have a had a really great time here - especially meeting a new blipbuddy and new friend, shirleyray, who extended wonderful hospitality - she made me laugh and talked my ears off - I returned the compliment two-fold!!!!!!     :o))

Thank you everyone for all your comments, stars and hearts for this part of my trip - hope you will enjoy the rest of my travels.

~ Anni ~

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