Where's BikerBear ..........

 ............ Now?   (WBBN).

Day 5/20 ..............

Seems a bit of a redundant title now you all know - but it is a series so it will continue .... and I will be leaving Vegas on Thursday morning .....

The Stratosphere Tree.

I think this may (just - with a bit of a stretch - lol) qualify for Tiny Tuesday (hosted by the lovely Freyjad) ...... as the Stratosphere is actually 1,149 feet high (350.2 mtrs) but here is smaller than a dead 20 foot tree ...... hmmmm????  (see interesting Stratosphere details here).

I think it is what is called a false perspective.

Another fabulous day out with shirleyray (thank you, my friend) at the Springs Preserve - only around 5 miles from my hotel on the Strip.  
A piece of the desert in the city.

In the extras, for your delectation, today we have:

A derrick against the mountains

A Blue Morpho butterfly (I think)

and a Hall Ball of Mirrors - that make us both look a really weird shape!

Please take a look if you have a moment.

~ Anni ~

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