Party Girl

It was Miss E's birthday party today. She's never had it before her birthday before but I left it late to book and while I was faffing we got an invite from one of her classmates for next Saturday. Next Sunday's Mother's Day and the weekend after that we break up and I thought lots of people might be going away. So it was today!!
I was stressing about the party all day! What time should we leave? What if I wrote the wrong date on the invites? What if I thought I'd booked one place but had actually booked another? It was horrible!! 
Miss E and Miss L kindly filled the party bags this morning and were giddy that they had the leftovers all to themselves!! I'd already bought the cakes - one for blowing  out the candles and a tray of cupcakes for the party bags so there really was nothing to stress about!
In future I'll book parties in the morning so I don't have time to think about it!!!!
It was eventually time to leave. It made a very pleasant change not to be in a mad rush!! We were told to get there fifteen minutes before the start time so we decided to get there fifteen minutes before that i.e., half an hour early. I couldn't believe my eyes to see a parent already waiting by the door and two more arrive almost immediately afterwards. Oh my God, is this how normal people behave?!!!
Thankfully there were a few stragglers who arrived just in the nick of time so I felt less inadequate!!
The woman running the party took charge of all the kids so the grown ups could just relax, chat and drink tea. It was ace!! Mr K played Dobble with Miss L which she loved. This year, for the first time the Little Misses haven't gone to each other's parties. Some people thought it was a bit weird but I think it's important that they have some separate parts of their lives sometimes - especially when they're with their own friends.
They had one round of shooting each other with lasers, then came out for hot dogs and pizza and for Miss E to blow out the candles on her cake. Then they went back in for another round.
All I had to do was wrap the cupcakes in napkins and put them in the party bags before the kids left. Easy!!!
I had to laugh at the sight of Miss E striding back to the car laden down with some of her presents. She looked so grown up it was like a peek into the future!
I had said she could open them all tonight of she wanted rather than waiting for her actual birthday. She said it didn't feel right so she'd only open a few!!! She restricted herself to three and was very pleased with a bracelet, some bath bombs and an amazing haul of Smiggle goodies - a bag, pencil case and water bottle. Thank you, Miss S!!!

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