What did I see today...?

By DaveR

Smoking Skies

A distinctly ethereal tone to this sunset (and what a lovely one it was yesterday - see end for more Blips!) that closed Monday. It's been a surprisingly nice day after it started all grey and horrible when I cycled in. Work flew by despite the kind of stats that make your eyes bleed being on my screen all day - more of the same to look forward to on Tuesday!

The evening was passed watching 'The Hunger Games' now it's been released on DVD, I finished 'Mockingjay' over the weekend. I hadn't noticed how good the soundtrack (the OST, rather than the songs - though they're quite good too!) was on first watching, it may need to be added to my collection.

As promised, more sunsets from yesterday, my subs feed turned into a blaze of colour:

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