Millbrook Selfie: A Very Silly Girl

This is a self-portrait of the photographer as a Very Silly Girl.

It was an odd day, with some strange ups and downs, mis-steps, and plot twists. But this is how it began: here is a picture of me, lying on the boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh at about 15 degrees F early in the morning.

I had come to the marsh in pursuit of frost mist rising, and there was (alas) none to be had. So I was lying there photographing a favorite twist in the boardwalk, when I was nearly mowed over by a jogger.

We startled each other; and she and I both shared a hearty laugh, as I rolled to the edge of the boardwalk to let her go by. I thought: what a silly picture I must make! And so I turned the camera on myself and took this photo to document the scene.

Yes, this is me in my native habitat, which is to say: the great outdoors. And this is me looking, as I often do: quite happy and full of fun!

Special note: Photography is my favorite sport, and it is cause for great silliness and enjoyment. In fact, if you're not having fun, you just might be doing it wrong!

The soundtrack: Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

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