The Bellefonte Library Lunch "Date"

I've talked about my "freedom Fridays," and how my husband and I try to schedule something fun on those days when the weather permits. On this particular Friday, my husband invited me out for an afternoon lunch "date" in Bellefonte.

The "date" began with a visit to the Centre County Library (see photo in the extras), a place I don't think I've ever been before, though we've ordered books from them frequently via the Bookmobile. And what a successful visit it was! I walked out with a tote bag full of 10 books I've never read before. *rubs paws together gleefully*

For the record, this was my very first-ever library "date." I've never been asked to the library by a boy before this day. And my husband, a fellow book lover, swears he has never invited a girl out to the library before. So somehow, this was an extra-rare event. (Though I'm betting it won't be our last!)

We followed up the book-fest by picking up a hoagie at Jim's Italian Cuisine (there wasn't quite time for "the entire usual") and sharing it while sitting on a park bench at Bellefonte's beautiful Talleyrand Park.

The bench in the middle of this shot is where we sat to enjoy our lunch. From there, we had a great view of the park, the big spring run, and the swinging bridge while we ate our hoagie.

The day was very mild, with temperatures near 60 degrees F, and partly sunny. There were quite a few mallards and even a Canada goose or two napping under the big willow trees along the run.

Scenic railroad tracks run through Talleyrand. You may actually view them on the "book bench," a piece of art that sits in front of the library (refer to the scene in the extras). I am proud to report that we have ridden a train that passes through those very tracks.

We walked around Talleyrand a little bit before leaving, and I took pictures, of course. We walked across the big swinging bridge that crosses the run and admired the views and reflections.

We walked past the Peace Pole, which says (in no fewer than eight different languages) "May peace prevail on Earth." And as I passed it, I quietly added my own words: Amen, and Amen, and Amen.

Here's a tune about lovers who met in a library, by one of my favorite singers: Jimmy Buffett, with Love in the Library.

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