Hanoi Bike Shop again

Back to normal with an early start and a fresh breeze of stress.
Not really what I was looking for today I wanted to catch up with my backlog.
James was not able to pick up the Polo today, but plans it for Friday. Which is ok. I was far too busy to handle that anyways.
I had booked a table for dinner with Amy and Helaine in the evening and literally just made it out in time to be there at 8 pm.
Again at Hanoi Bike shop :) which is still number one eatery for me at the moment.
We had a lot of lovely food and a lot of fun. 
I had not seen Amy for ages after she stopped working with Helaine. It was so good to catch up. We plan to do this now on a regular basis!

The picture is taken at the restaurant upstairs, where I have never sat before. I did not even know they had an upstairs room ....
Love those lanterns!

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