Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Luke's birthday dinner

A busy day again – I did another tidy up and a bit of a clean as we have another viewing tomorrow – it’s getting tiresome now! Then some more haggling with the exchange contract regarding the purchase of the new house. Our lawyer is being superb but the seller’s lawyer is less than efficient. It is starting to wear us down - we thought we had reached resolution on Tuesday but the seller keeps trying to push a harder deal. Its all to do with the snagging items after the building was completed and other minor things but it is getting boring now.

 Tonight we went to London to a smart restaurant for Luke’s 21st dinner. We went up by train but met Luke there as he had just returned from his interviews in Paris, and came directly from the airport – the interviews went very well so our fingers are crossed…. There was no time for photos today so I took some photos at dinner. Here is one of Luke at dinner and then some extras of the three four amigos and Luke with his parents!

A long day and as it is now past midnight I must get to sleep...

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