Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


I think I unintentionally misled a few people yesterday with that photo of Cedar House as they thought it was our new house! That beautiful house is a grade II listed house and our new house is the complete opposite, a newly built house only completed at the end of last year. Not everyone's cup of tea but a modern new house with all the latest mod cons suits our family very well.

Luke left early this morning to fly to Paris as he has an interview there for a 6 month internship during his year of studies abroad - we are not sure how many candidates have been shortlisted so don't know how competitive it is, but the company paid for his travel which was good.

Murdoch got a walk this morning when I took this photo - I love blue flowers - and then we had a viewing of our house this afternoon so he got another walk while that was going on. There was a mad flurry of tidying up before the viewing as my house is always very tidy but with the boys home - there are study books all over the bedroom floor, bags, clothing....boys!  I think it is a buyers market at the moment so we are not expecting our house to get sold quickly.

I am heartened how in times of disaster there is always someone who stands out for showing strength of character and consideration for others. In this case, I am referring to the Conservative MP who determinedly tried to resuscitate and staunch flow of blood  from the police officer who was stabbed outside parliament yesterday. Of course many doctors and nurses from the nearby hospital also came running to assist those who were injured, but that is expected of them.

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