Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

An accident....

We woke up to snow falling - I decided not to get upset about it but to lie in bed and read my book, which I never get the opportunity to do and I enjoyed it very much. It was due to clear at about lunch time so we just spent the morning at home, relaxing.

The boys decided to ski and after checking the webcams and seeing that the visibility up the mountain was not great, I decided to go up the mountain with them where we ate lunch and then when they went off to ski I came down again in the lift and went for a lovely walk along the river. The extra photo shows the gondola lift that takes everyone up the mountain to the ski area. The main image is taken from halfway up the mountain - we have to get two lifts to get to the top and this was at the changeover point from the one lift to the other.

I enjoyed my walk very much, the sun came out and it was not too cold. However, I got a text from Gavin saying that Luke had fallen and hurt his knee and they were skiing slowly down again. I won't go into the stupid decisions that men make, but needless to say I did not understand why they did not call the emergency services who would have transported Luke off the mountain and taken him to hospital. When they got to the bottom of the mountain, with Luke in agony all the way, they went to the hospital where Luke had X rays and was seen by a doctor. Being Switzerland they are used to these kind of injuries so I knew he was getting the best medical treatment possible. He has damaged his ligament and also has cartilage damage and needs an MRI scan to see how bad the damage is and whether he needs surgery. There were no appointments available for the MRI scan so he was put in a splint, given crutches, and is now on his way home - he is going back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for his MRI scan. I suppose until we know what the results are we cannot plan ahead, but my mind is already whirring about how he will be able to fly back to Berlin on his own....

Tonight we had planned to take Luke out to supper to celebrate his birthday, and it seems we are still going. I have not seen Luke yet but I presume he has been given pain killers - poor boy!

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