Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Great weather and bad news

Today was the best day of the season - glorious sunshine, blue skies, no crowds, and not too cold! It was the perfect day to spend on the mountains skiing....but of course after Luke's accident we had other priorities today. Gavin and I did go up the mountain this morning for a few hours, as Luke's appointment for the MRI scan was only at 2pm. This is a scene of some skiers soaking up that welcome sunshine.

We were back down again in good time to drive through to Davos to the hospital. Despite being a small village, non-private hospital it is a bit like a 5 star hotel - there is even a large terrace facing the mountains where the patients can enjoy the sunshine after having a coffee from their cafe. 

We have only got back from the hospital a little while ago. Firstly Luke had the MRI scan, and then we had to wait for the doctor to see us to tell us the results. Not good - it is a complex injury, with a total rupture of the ACL, he has ruptured his lateral meniscus, there is a lesion of the lateral collateral ligament, and a segond fracture. All Luke wanted to know was when he can play rugby again and ski again! The doctor has recommended surgery as he is young and sporty. And so our dilemma...they either have to operate as soon as possible before it swells too much, or wait and operate in about 6 weeks time. With Luke living in Berlin it really complicates matters because if he has the operation in London it will mean trips back and forth to have appointments with the knee surgeon and he is unlikely to get appointments this coming week - and to wait 6 weeks only delays his recovery. So after much discussion with the various doctors we have decided that Luke will have the operation here, in Davos. He is booked in for 7am on Monday morning and will need to be in hospital until Thursday. This means that when Gavin and Thomas fly back home on Monday morning I will stay behind with Luke. A few things to juggle, and having no car will complicate things (I did not bring my drivers licence as had no intention of driving the hired car) I can get to see Luke in hospital using the train and walking so that is fine. 

We then had to wait to meet the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist who both discussed the procedure in great detail (in English) and discussed the risks and the recovery. He will need intensive physio to recover fully.

We are now about to eat supper and try and absorb all of these developments....

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