Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Working out

Last night we went to a local pub restaurant to celebrate Luke's birthday. Unfortunately Adam could not come home as was originally planned, as he has a lab presentation on Monday morning, so he was not with us. The meal was not good so for the first time ever I wrote a review on TripAdvisor, and it was not complimentary. Many of the menu items we tried to order were 'finished' and the restaurant did not even look busy so one wonders why they had run out. And what we did get was very mediocre. Why can't restaurants make a decent risotto? They are not difficult to make and as I can make a fairly decent one I get annoyed when restaurants serve hard boiled rice with bits added and try to pass it off as risotto.

Today was a beautiful sunny day and very mild, the first day that felt like summer is on it's way. Gavin and I both had some admin things to do this morning so we were busy with emails and unfortunately indoors. Luke went out with friends in London for a pub lunch and I made lunch at home for the rest of us. 

I took this photo of Thomas while he was working out. I wish I had such toned muscles! (Actually this shot was posed for me, he doesn't usually work out with such light weights)

A relaxing evening trying to catch up with some TV tonight - at last!

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