Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Spring blossoms

Its a beautiful sunny day today, although the wind was deceptively still cold this morning. Last year we planted a cherry blossom tree, a Prunus Taihaku, which has the more unusual white flowering blossoms, and it is now starting to flower so it had to be my image for today.

A sure sign that the boys are home again is the overloaded trolley when I go shopping at the supermarket - this morning it was very overloaded! Luke is busy working on his essays and dissertation, I cannot believe that he is about to graduate. Adam had his lab presentation this morning, and in usual Adam style he worked through the night only finishing it at 5.30am. He is due to be coming home today but I imagine he is now catching up on sleep before he drives home. Thomas breaks up for the holidays on Wednesday, so soon it will be back to daily trips to the supermarket. 

I had to laugh about the BA flight today that landed in  Edinburgh instead of their intended destination of Dusseldorf. Not so funny for the passengers, and the mind boggles as to how they got it so wrong #notafanofBA  #wealwaysflyBA

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