Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


village marketplace
shopping for vietnamese food
and sharing the news

The market is small - less than ten stalls, all food - but it has a nice atmosphere and it is my twice-weekly pleasure to buy fruit and vegetables, cheese, yoghurts, fish and the occasional roast chicken there. One thing I never forget is to buy Vietnamese food on Friday - J. and I love it. Not only is the food superb, but the guy is very nice. If you go at the right time, he'll ply you with food (nems) and drink (maikwei, I think?). :-)

There's often a waiting line at his truck. I took this candid portrait of a lady who let me be served before her because "she [had] time and [was] mainly [there] for the talk".

A very pregnant lady soon joined the line. Asked whether she knew if it was a girl or a boy, she said: "a boy. Our third". The lady I photographed said: "ah well, you'll have daughters-in-law". To which the pregnant lady answered very naturally and with a smile: "or sons-in-law, who knows?" I think it's the first time I've ever heard someone say out loud that their child to be could be a homosexual and they're perfectly all right with it. It made me so very happy!

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