The Fabulous Five

It's been a lovely day!

In the morning:
3 hours of dog training in the dog club in Hvalsø. Hero practised his freestyle routine. Gollum had his rally obedience class (but he's still resting, so there were lots of things he couldn't do - he still enjoyed being out and about though) and Biscuit had his obedience class. 

1.30 pm:
We met with Gollum's half-brother Novak and helped his with his heelwork training. 

2.30 pm and the rest of the day: We visited my sister and nephews and had a lovely afternoon with them.

My blip today is of my 5 favourite boys in the whole world! 
From left: My nephew Marcus with Biscuit and my nephew Andreas with Hero and Gollum. 

The extra picture is Gollum with his 2 sisters at the dog club.
From left: Vega, Ex-it and Gollum

Happy weekend
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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