Morris County Courthouse

I woke up in New Jersey this morning, after flying into Newark late last evening. I was coughing and feeling generally awful and wishing I hadn't gone to work after all. This is now my 4th cold/virus since Christmas!

I tried to rest most of the day, but I also felt as if I needed some fresh air so I walked around the neighbourhood a bit and browsed in a couple of the stores. I bought some cough syrup and lozenges. Big spender! I had tacos for lunch even though I had very little appetite.

This is the county courthouse. It's usually very busy and it's difficult to get a good picture of it without lots of people or cars around, but since it was the weekend it was very quiet. I love the Federal Style of the building. There's so much interesting American history in this area. I was thankful for a good subject as I certainly wasn't in the mood to go exploring for a blip for today!

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