Productive Saturday

We had plans to get up very early in order to get to the Auction Viewing before they start. Did not work too well as I overheard (or ignored?) my alarm. So it was a bit of a rush but we still managed to be there before 10 am. We were after another rug before the party. Today was a special auction day as they had a big Antiques and Jewellery sale instead of the usual. Lucky for us was, that all auctions would be upstairs and non in the furniture room. We had plenty of time to look closely at the rugs for the auction and make up our mind which one to go for and set the limits.
We also learnt that the furniture would not start before 12 pm. That meant plenty of time to do the Farmer's Market in between.
It was wonderful weather and everyone was happy and chatty. We did not buy much as we seriously have to eat the freezer down before the party.
We sat a bit in the sun before heading back to the auction house. We were far too early! 
To kill some time we went for a walk in the nearby Victoria Park. The weather was almost summery. Actually better then many of our "real" summer days. We were amazed how big and beautiful this park is. it even had a fossil grove - which was not open unfortunately.
When we returned back to the auction they still had not started with the furniture, but almost finished with the jewellery. When they switched auctioneers we grabbed some comfy seats. I did not get the 1st choice rug, I stopped bidding when it went way beyond our limit. But I was successful for the second choice! Even a quarter below the limit :). Happy!
We paid and got down to collect the rug. It is a big one (3x4 m) and very heavy! Neil collected the car and the guys helped to fold it to boot size. 
I was wondering how we could get this monster in the third floor ....
At home we made some space in the studio and then went down to get it upstairs. We carried it full length on our shoulders. I think Neil mainly carried it as I was behind him and at the stairs our difference in height did not work out well. But we managed.
At home we rearranged rooms and rugs and did more sorting and planning for next weeks party. We also finally got the curtains up! Neil had borrowed a drill and after 20 minutes the rail was up and the curtains hung. Took only 3 years.
The rug went to its destination and looks amazing. It is a wonderful design and I think a big bargain at less than 400 Pounds!
In the end we had a very productive day and were happy with what we achieved.

The photo is just a simple snap from the Farmer's Market in the sun.
The seller was awfully nice and chatty today. What a difference sunshine makes :) - so many happy faces :)

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