Sunday - more things done

Again we did not get up as early as intended - there is a pattern in our life I fear.
However I sorted a few things in the morning, even had breakfast before we went out to the Car boot sale in Blochairn. 
I found some lovely old glass mini serving bowls. That's probably not the right description. They were probably intended for sugar or jam. Small and with a silver lid each and space for a spoon. Really lovely and will fit well in my collection. Since I usually do not use sugar or jam, I will use them for something else. Maybe for crispy bacon bits, one of my favourite condiments!
We also stocked up on eggs. Neil is going to bake his famous Salted Caramel Brownies for the party! Wheat free ;).
We had a quick run through Costco, but will do the major shopping on Friday.
The weather was beautiful - 17 degrees! SUMMER!
Back home we dropped the shopping and went down to Sara's for a coffee in the sun. She shared with me here Torta Caprese recipe and I will ask Dougie to bake it for the party. I have too much other stuff to do.
At the café we looked through our notes and the open items. We seem to be really well organised for this party and good in time. (Ha - Project Management again!)
At home we continued with our to-do list and I roasted a beef joint for dinner. Not really the right food for a summer day, but we need to get the freezer empty. However, it was tasty - especially the home made gravy (Jamie Oliver's recipe never fails!)
Dinner was late but we both were happy with what we had achieved over the weekend.
And we love the new rug! It is so lovely and soft under the feet I cannot stop walking bare footed on it.

The Blip is taken at Blochairn Markets, where the car boot sale is held.
There is a big fish mural on the wall. I am planning to photograph it since a while. Perfect day for that yesterday.


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