Trip to Weinheim

We had a late breakfast with Christina then started packing a little, before getting out.

We wanted to visit Pe in Weinheim and I also wanted to have my usual nostalgia walk through the town, which I would call my home town.

It was cold today - not as lovely as yesterday.

Weinheim was quite deserted, but we did our walk without hitting any shops. Shops did not appeal today.

We saw Uwe, the owner of the Café I used to work when I was studying again and had a quick chat. I also looked inside his new place, which carries the same name as the old one.
He took a few feature items with him - including the toilet doors!!! - and showed me everything.

We then walked back to the car and drove to Pe and Christian, had a few coffees and chatted.

They will be joining us for dinner with Christina tonight.
We are going to the same place as on Saturday night. It was very good!

We drove back via Jugenheim to visit their incredible butcher and get some stuff to take home and arrived at Cristina’s just after 6 pm.

While I was pottering in our room, which is actually my fathers room with all his belongings, Neil found the testament everyone was looking for since weeks!

We met at the restaurant in Bensheim at 7 pm with Pe, Christian and Sophie.

Food was lovely and we all ate too much ….
Back home we called it a night.

I am blipping the Café Florian at the market place. An institution in Weinheim since I was at school! Usually you would always see some familiar faces, but not today.

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