Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I spent the day in Leeds for a work event - mostly stuck inside, but I took an off-piste walking route back to the station to enjoy some of the buildings. This is the back of St. Paul's House, a former cloth-cutting warehouse which was repurposed for offices around 40 years ago. 

The workshop was good, and it was nice to be a participant for a change although that brings its own demands of full-on social engagement. There was a nice moment where the facilitator was talking about body language (this being so we can learn from the body language of our students in classroom situations), and how some people subconsciously seat themselves so that no-one has access to the back of their neck. Which brought the realisation that not only had I taken a seat at the back, I'd pushed said seat back against the wall, and had gone as far as to lean my head back against said wall. I think that was a fine, triple-lock piece of neck protection. It was good to bump into a (recently) former colleague too and to have a little catch-up.

I was supposed to be watching a football match at Campion FC tonight, but the bus I needed to catch didn't turn up. Still, I can probably do with the down time at home.

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