Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Fool on the Hill

Alternatively this could be called 'greeting the sunrise', but if you're wondering who the fool is, it's me.

Decided to catch the sunrise this morning because this hill has lovely striped lines of straw coming down it, but of course they all look black against the sun. Dhurr! Also, because the house was cosy and warm when I got up I went out without a jacket. Dhurr! And because it's quite a big hill, had to wait until considerably after 6.25 for the sun to make it's appearance, by which time I was shaking from cold. Dhurr! Never mind, just as the sun was nicking into the hill I found a handy plant husk to repeat the ray pattern of the sun, so in the end it was probably worth it and I had a hot cuppa and breakfast when I got in and am now wrapped in a blanket feeling warm..

What does the day hold for you? I have hundreds of press releases to send out about the New Brunswick Battle of the Blues and a cami top on order from M&S to pick up at lunchtime. (Yes, don't laugh, it's a vest substitute, I have a wedding to go to when I'm back from hols.)

Middle of the week. If we're careful, we might even make the weekend..

Sorry, just changed this for a very slightly different version

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