Blue Plaque 1 - White Horse Inn - Cambridge

This is a back blip as I ran out of time yesterday. We went to Cambridge in the morning for a brief visit, which turned into a longer one and we did not get back until after three. Then it was straight out again to my daughter's house to supervise my grandchildren after school.

Oliver got his results from the exams he took earlier in the year. Great results and better than he thought he had done; well-done Oliver. More hard work needed now to maintain the standard with a couple of subjects which he needs to improve on a little before his final exams in June 2013.

Victoria also had a good day although she was reprimanded twice because her skirt was too short. I think she must have had a growth spurt as it was fine at the beginning of the summer holidays! She has won a school prize for the second year running and has to buy a book to be presented to her at prize giving; I forgot to ask what it was for. Not sure why they are doing prize giving at the beginning of the new year instead of at the end of the old year, although the school has had some ups and downs with the headmaster leaving.

I often post pictures of Cambridge and we tend to walk in the same areas, so I am blipping one of the 'blue plaques' which can be found on many buildings. I think I shall do a series of these, not just from Cambridge but from other places I visit.

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