Articulated Lorry on my One Street

This morning I drove to the doctor's surgery to return Mr A's empty Entonox cylinder and discovered this articulated lorry backing along the lane; thank goodness for the iPhone. I am adding this to my 'one street' project, details can be found here.

His 'Sat Nav' had sent him down our lane, when he should have been the other side of the railway line; he had got as far as our house and thought it was a dead-end. If I had seen him earlier I could have told him that there was room to turn round at the end of the lane. I think that the 'dead end' sign at the start of the lane needs to be replaced and have emailled the parish council to say so. The lane used to be a dead-end, but the council decided that they would adopt it as a by-way, even though our deeds clearly show that we own out to the middle of the lane! The four-by-fours and motor cycles use the lane and muddy track and can get through; articulated lorries cannot.

I seem to have gone round in circles today not really achievng much at all although I have booked the table for my former work colleagues reunion for our September meal and sorted out our Christmas party booking. This afternoon I collected a full Entonox cyclinder so Mr A has some more for a while.

This final paragrpah is a bit of a rant so can safely be ignored.

I discovered late yesterday that although his doctor had said on Thursday that she would order a new Entonox cylinder for him she had not done so. It seems that they now have three people on Entonox and this is something, which the surgery or the powers that be, have said they will not pay for it. It is horrendously expensive, being £46 for the gas, £10 per month for cylinder rental and £51 pounds for delivery, to the surgery, not even to my house. The cost of the cable to connect to it is £219 and if we wanted a trolley to wheel it about on, because they are ordering the larger size, which weighs twenty kilos, that would be another £156. The hospital consultant yesterday clearly thought it was coming out of the doctor's budget and our pharmasist is also horrified that we have to pay for it. I think that once she has referrd him to the pain clinic, it will be time to start rocking the boat and writing and emailling MP's, newspapers and anyone who will listen.

End of rant

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