Wild Wednesday ....

 ... week 52!

Wow!  A whole year of Wild Wednesday's!  That's just awesome! Although, I probably haven't posted each week!

I really wanted today's picture to be special as this is the one year anniversary of Wild Wednesday, but things just didn't work out that way.

I started the day by going back to the Graver Arboretum to look for the Eastern Bluebirds that we saw on Sunday.  Unfortunately there wasn't a bluebird in sight!  Not even one!!!  I didn't want my trip to be a total waste so I took some pictures of the robins. 

From the arboretum I drove to Jacobsburg State Park to check on the frogs.  There were a several of frogs back up .... as evidenced by the upper right picture.  But not nearly as many as this other Wild Wednesday.  After checking on the frogs I walked over to the bird blind.  There wasn't much going on there either but I did get a few pictures of the lovely little Black-capped Chickadee in the upper left. 

Now you are probably wondering about all the dirt!  As many of you know we are having to remove our in-ground pool because of structural issues that it had. R has been diligently removing all the concrete surrounding the pool, as well at the pool interior itself.  This has left a huge hole in the ground that needs to be filled.  

Today we had some fill dirt delivered.  Unfortunately, this is just one of many, many deliveries needed to fill in the hole! And it means a lot of work for R.  :-( 

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