Confections, snacks, and cigarettes

We have some wonderful old ghost signs in Edinburgh. Here's one from my route home from work this evening. I was diverted down a close from the High Street due to the filming that I mentioned yesterday. I came out on Cockburn Street, opposite this wonderful shop frontage.

I enjoyed my day in the office. I worked on conference bookings, two journal articles, event planning, abstract reviewing, and PhD exam arrangements. At one point I even had my email whittled down to one solitary message in my inbox.

Although I didn't finish everything as hoped, all is sufficiently under control for me to enjoy the weekend - due to start any moment now when my friend Jon arrives for his birthday supper, lovingly cooked by Mr hazelh (with perhaps some Catan later too!)

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights, and stretches; walk to work and back (16,485 steps).

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