Squirrel Blip Friday .....

Phew! I have finally finished my sewing project ... it's an organizer for the tote bag shown in the picture above.   And I have to admit ... it was extremely difficult at times!!  If I were to ever make it again (and I probably won't!!) I would do things a little differently.  But I am fairly pleased with how it turned out. 

Today's weather was downright awful .... I don't think there was a time that it wasn't raining!  And I think I saw hail at one point! Which made for getting a squirrel nearly impossible. But I promised to blip this organizer once I finished it anyway!

I am tagging this entry for both the Colour Month Challenge (even though it's late!) and for Flower Friday since there are flowers on the tote bag! Thank you to both of the wonderful hosts for these challenges!

Happy Squirrel Blip Friday!

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