A first!!

My very first tree sparrow photo, taken in the garden this morning.  On several occasions I've thought I'd seen one on the feeders at the back but have never been totally sure as the light makes the markings difficult to see.  But here's the proof.  The shame was that I was messing about trying different auto-focusing modes and this one didn't quite hit the mark, but good enough to identify it.  I'd chosen from the PSA 365 challenge again today which was through the window.  So  in between mucking out my workroom, which will have to become a bedroom again shortly, I spent a little time photographing birds.  I had a reasonable tally of the usual suspects, plus the wren that is nesting in the bush next to the house but I missed the woodpecker that landed fleetingly on the tree and then the greenfinch was a bit quick for me too.  

p.s. when I was younger there were lots of tree sparrows around in our garden and it wasn't a very good place for birds.  Now they seem to be so very rare.
p.p.s. I think the challenge will probably go out of the window tomorrow too.  

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