Where's BikerBear ..........

 ................ Now??   (WBBN)

Day 17/20 ........

Sad farewells in Gilbert, Arizona this morning with the fabulous blippers of the BoBB 2017 - most of us are now scattered to the four winds.

I am heading back towards Las Vegas for my flight on Tuesday morning - making an overnight stop on the way in this very cutesy little Arizona town - statues and all manner of interesting things in the streets.
I liked the "arrangement" of the clock, water tower, cactus and street sign.

The wall tiles - that are in the "extras" are attached to the hotel wall close to my room ........ 

It's been a wonderful trip with even more wonderful people ..... they all know who they are - now plans could be in the pipeline for next year!!!

Thank you to everyone who has sent comments, stars and hearts my way this past 17 days.  As always, very, very much appreciated.

~ Anni ~

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