Where's BikerBear ..........

 ............... Now??  (WBBN)

Day 18/20 .............

Wow - I set off and drove into beautiful sunshine and temps in the mid-80's and then there was this!!  High winds, thunder, lightening and amazingly overcast skies .... the temperature dropped to 61F.

I had to pull over and put the roof up on the car as it started to rain and dust and tumbleweeds were blowing everywhere - high sided vehicles had already stopped along the side of the road.

In the extra today you have the view from my room window of the inside of the hotel (the atrium) - some of my fellow BoBBers will, I'm sure, be pleased to know that despite the ridiculously cheap price (under $40 room only, including tax) the bed does not vibrate, there are no red lights and rooms are not rented by the hour!  
I found a REAL bargain - it's fabulous! 

Flight back to UK tomorrow but will not be home until Wednesday lunch time - with lay-overs, time differences and the drive home after I land.

~ Anni ~

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