At the Dump

Buoyed by my efforts of yesterday I headed straight into our "sun room" when I got back from dropping the Little Misses off this morning. Stopping only to make a cup of tea on the way!
Since we moved in it's been a real dumping ground for boxes (full of God knows what!), an Ercol table and chairs (which I want to sell but haven't been able to photograph because it's been covered in boxes!), boxes of pictures which need to go up on the wall, bags full of Halloween stuff (????), paint, wallpaper, tools, dozens of moving boxes - all empty, some flattened, some not, a Laura Ashley coffee table which needs to be sold but I can't get to, giant bags of dog food, a steam mop (which I can't get to which explains the disgraceful state of my floors!) and all the packaging from our kingsize bed which was delivered in October!!
But a couple of hours sorting, emptying, moving and flattening has left a more or less empty room. The table and coffee table are easily accessible and I took tons of cardboard and polystyrene to the tip.
After I took this picture I noticed one of the men rush up to another one of the men and pointing at me and looking all agitated and suspicious! I had got into my car and was reversing out but I thought I had better explain myself so I parked up and called them over. When I said it was for an online journal that I keep they looked at me like I was mad. And only marginally less agitated and suspicious!!
I also managed to package up an eBay return which I've been meaning to do for a week and dropped that off at the drop off point (and was grunted at by the clearly unhappy in his work man behind the counter!!) AND I went to the post office to post a card to Australia and to the bank to pick up my marriage certificate which I'd left behind the other day when I opened Miss L's account.
Phew, that's more that I normally get done in a week!!!!
After that it was just tea until it was time to go and get the Little Misses!!

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