Little Miss With a Towel on her Head

Gorgeous sunshine today for a lovely walk with Archie. 
Annoyingly I fell over throwing a stick for him. I have an ankle which gives way at the most inopportune moments! 
I was putting such a lot of effort into throwing the stick I turned over on my ankle and fell onto the floor in a crumpled heap with a little whimpering cry on my way down!
I wanted to sit there crying but I couldn't as there were two people walking towards me and I felt I'd embarrassed myself enough. So I dragged myself to my feet and hobbled off pretending it hadn't happened.
I came home and decided it was sensible to spend the rest of the day on the sofa. Resting my injured ankle. 
And drinking tea.
Miss L has had a blistery rash on her forehead for a couple of days. Today she was complaining that it was itchy and painful so after swimming I took her to the pharmacy in Tescos to get some ointment for it.
He took one look at it and said we needed to get to the GP as soon as possible. 
Because he thought it was shingles!
So I called the GP and requested a callback and we drove to Bicester hoping they'd call back before we get there.
She called when we were ten minutes away and said to bring Miss L straight in.
This is why I don't re-register nearer to home. We rarely need the doctor but when we do they're brilliant!
Mr K met us at the surgery and came in with us.
The doctor said that when I'd called she's assumed the pharmacist was wrong and it would be a case of eczema. But, darn, if he wasn't right and it did indeed look like shingles!!
She wasn't 100% sure as it crossed the midline of her forehead slightly which shingles doesn't do. She called in another doctor for a second opinion and he started talking about scarring and spreading to the eyes and neurological pain and other hideous terrifying things. And recommended that we treat for shingles just in case.
The usual pharmacy was shut by now so the GP gave us a prescription for medicine from the late night chemist. They only had two bottles in stock which will only last until Saturday morning (she needs four spoonfuls four times a day!!) so she sent another prescription to the usual pharmacy for us to collect tomorrow.
Mr K took Miss L home while I want to get the medicine and then popped into see Uncle D and the dogs for a bit before heading home.
Not how I saw my evening panning out when we set out to swimming!!

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