on a busy day :)

In the extra, the best picture yet of a kite flying above my house at lunchtime!

Job Centre first thing, relatively easy;  I have to go back tomorrow as its my 'signing day'.

Meeting with my Church Minister :)

Walked by the canal afterwards, it was so warm and I didn't take my coat!  Different story now, its quite chilly in the breeze tonight and I feel it will be colder tomorrow...

Slimming World (afternoon session)...I have now put on SO much weight :(  Really getting fed up with this, considering I follow the plan most of the time.  So from tomorrow I'm going to start writing it all down again and see if it helps. (Thursday will be difficult as I am on Retreat and can't 'choose' exactly what I will eat)

Tonight I am out at our Prayer Meeting :)

Why is it that I've only just remembered I need to get a new bulb for my bedside I will find the torch ;)

Thank you all so much for your continuing comments, hearts and stars on my 'figures in the fog' currently riding high in popular on the top of the first page :)

Happy Monday folks :)

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