Spring Comes to the Serengeti

It was a fine spring day on the Serengeti, and fierce wild tigers patrolled the plains. They growled ferociously, baring their mighty teeth! They stopped only occasionally to eat purple crocus blooms and . . .

Shh, this is Tiny Tiger's mom here. Please don't tell him that our front yard ISN'T the Serengeti, as it would break his tiny little heart. Actually, tigers don't even live on the Serengeti, but how would he know that? All he's seen are TV shows about tigers in the wild.

You may note that the Tiny Tiger is now wearing a fashionable dragonfly necklace. In my opinion, he looks a bit like a 70s dude with such a large charm attached - what next? gold chains? - but my husband thought he needed it, so there you go . . . Ahem . . .  :-)

And so it was that the fierce wild tigers, fortified by purple posies, continued patrolling the Serengeti, living free, and growling loudly at everyone who came near! For surely, they were the kings of their domain! And nobody, no, I mean NOBODY, messes with a wild tiger!

The soundtrack: The Troggs, with Wild Thing.

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