No time to add much this morning as I have a busy day ahead.  


Good morning and welcome to another week of #April #Accountability #check #in   
Here is your #daily #checkin for #Wednesday 5 April 2017.    
Yesterday I was had a pre work trip to the vet.  I have 2 dogs and neither of them are in good health at the moment.  They are both Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The dog (Ripley) is 9 and was diagnosed with lymphoma in November.  We didn't expect him to make it to Christmas but he is on a mix of steroids and chemotherapy and is doing OK.  The bitch (Roobarb) is 8 and has something wrong with her leg/hip or foot which we are still trying to get to the bottom of. 
I visit the vet at least every two weeks in order that we can monitor his weight. Before they were unwell I had often considered fasting them for one day a week and changing them to a raw diet. I would definitely consider it more seriously if I were to have another; with everything I read, it just all makes sense. 
Its seems odd to me now, how for 9 years I worried about their diet/weight/exercise far more than my own. 
In a way, their ill health has had a positive impact on my health as, no longer able to walk them for 3 hours a day I began jogging. 
In other ways, in particularly the frequent toilet trips as a result of the steroids, have been far less positive.  As he loses all his hair, I also don't think that I will ever get it out of my clothing and soft furnishings. 
When I started this WOE my goal was just 'a day at a time' and it's the same with the dogs.  Lets all have the best Wednesday we can! 
Weight 11.6 stone  (73.6.kg) (no change) 
BMI 25.51 
BMR 1383 calories 
TDEE 1660 calories 
Snack Count – ZERO 
Black coffee (3) 
Peppermint and liquorice infusion (1) 
Red Berries infusion (1) 
Chamomile tea (1) 
Sparkling water (1. litre) 
Coconut water (2) 
Regular water (2) 
Cider vinegar 1tspn 
English breakfast team with skimmed milk (2) 
Toasted seeded bread 
Kallo rice cakes (blueberry and vanilla) 
Greek yoghurt 
Green beans 
Red onion 

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