Happy birthday, Owen

It's really sunny. I have loads of work to do, plenty of housework and not a little gardening. Instead it's all meetings/calls up until 3:00.

Johnny comes down to do some gardening. He's got a job with Breadshare, which he seems to be enjoying. Let's hope that continues.

I get a certified copy of my passport at a solicitors in Penicuik. Culmination, I hope, to a (frankly unbelievable) tale of incompetence, company dissolution and tax overpayment. Still, it has introduced me to the Harry-Potteresque offices of the Queen's and Lord Taverner's Remembrancer. Yes, honestly - look them up!

The bus to Glasgow is sloooow. The M8 is closed/unusable due to improvements.

I dash to Collabor8te to print off a letter for Scottish Enterprise and whisk it round to Atrium Court. The door is locked and there's no post box. Someone lets me in and the cleaner leaves it at reception for me.

Owen and Megan are waiting for me at Nippon Kitchen. A Green Tea Martini for Megan and a bottle of house Sake (warm) for Owen and I (to share, not each). Food is easy with Owen - he hardly eats - so we get large plates of sushi and sashimi and share them. It's a good spread and a fun meal.

Bus back, then wait for Angus' plane to land. He's had a reasonable time, but is now questioning the wisdom of a job at all. I can't say that I disagree, but if he wants to go travelling he'll need to earn money somehow.

Rooibosch and bed. More tomorrow.

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