The New Tap

April 6  The New Tap
Oh Super Handyman Husband
What have you got to do?
All those tools on the floor
What on earth are they for?
I wouldn’t know where to start!
Oh Super Handyman Husband
You’re looking a little bemused
Is it the tap without inners
Or the tails with wrong ends?
The things in the box looks so strange.
Oh Super Handyman Husband
I know you can do it so well.
You look so bemused,
But I know you’ll succeed

I just have to be patient and quiet…

My sister's kitchen tap was leaking.  Super Handyman Husband leaps into action.  Well, those of  you who know SHH, will know that he is unlikely to LEAP into action, but he will quietly and gently ease himself into doing a good job on anything he tackles.

I must admit to always being a bit concerned when he starts a job, but I have learnt over the years that it is his way to be reticent and pessimistic.

I just have to wait and keep quiet...

Job completed successfully!

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