Belltower Pershore Abbey

That little platform high up in the Bell Tower is where they ring the bells from in Pershore Abbey!  I might have to go back to see that one day!

A good day catching up with my friend from school, Manda.  We used to play Piano duets for the rest of the gals to march out of assembly too  Some days we could hardly play for giggling - especially when we had picked an amusing piece to play!  Makes me smile even now to think of our wicked little ways!  You can see the two of us as we are now in extra!

Worcestershire blossom is beautiful at the moment - the blossom trail is open, the other extra is some of the blossom in Pershore.

April 5   Pershore Abbey
Long…  Strong… High…Bellropes dangle
Harmoniously filling
Broad…  Stone… solid… crumbling church
Shored up full of life
Generously loving.

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