... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Egyptian Geese: mother & goslings

(Don't resist: go large)
Look how much they've grown, and how feathery they're becoming!
This was only a week ago!

The mother is moulting, and currently has no primary flight feathers (and so is grounded), but still has her beautiful bronze-/copper-coloured contour feathers at the top of her wings. The goslings are developing feathers on their shoulders (those same coppery feathers) and wings, their fronts, and their tails. They're currently looking very "tween".

There was a JCB digger at the pond today; it was digging a hole behind Eagle Pond and had already shifted a lot of earth. I asked the driver what he was working on, and he said the existing overflow drainage system of the pond wasn't very effective, so it had been decided that they'd dig out an overflow pond behind the current one, which would become wetlands for the birds.
"It is all for the animals!". Yay, go Lambeth!

There was an amazing sky this morning, so I took a set of photos of the common to make an HDR image, which I've uploaded to Blipfolio here.

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